Welcome to Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona, NY
Welcome to SriRanganatha Temple, Pomona, NY
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.Brahmotsavam 2012 - Souvenir

 Brahmotsavam 2012 - Souvenir

7/6/2012Sri Ranganatha TempleView Article
.Sahasra Kalasabhishekam - Event Description

Event description of the Grand Sahasra Kalasabhishekam function held on September 6, 2009.

9/9/2009Sri VaradAchAri Sadagopan View Article
.Brahmotsavam 2009 Souvenir

 Brahmotsavam 2009 Souvenir (now available online).

8/16/2009Sri Ranganatha TempleView Article
.Importance of PrapattiThis article describes the importance of Prapatti and how a Prappanna should conduct after the Prapatti.5/5/2009Sri Parthasarathy DesikanView Article
.Prapatti Prayoga


Perumaal has clarified in Tretayuga that surrendering to him means doing so sincerely just once. His saulabhya is so absolute. In Dwaparayuga he has asked Arjuna, representing all Jivatmas, to wholeheartedly surrender to him and has offered mukti from all praarabdha and aarjita karma in return... 
4/16/2009Sri Parthasarathy DesikanView Article
.Yati Sundara

 How indeed did our Acharyas look? Were they plain-looking, non-descript or eminently handsome?

4/12/2009Sri Sadagopan IyengarView Article
.Sundara Desikan

Vigrahas of Swami Desikan is a feast to our eyes.

4/12/2009Sri Sadagopan IyengarView Article

Doing a sincere pooja, is the mind and body has to go together and do praNaamam - anjali with both hands joining and mind going with it - that is what the lord likes more than all paraphernalia and that is what is sincere bhakthi.

4/12/2009Sri M.G. Vasudevan View Article
.A Temple for Madhava - Sri Parthasarathy Desikan

 Madhava is available right here and now in our hearts. Let us build our temples right away!

4/11/2009Sri Parthasarathy DesikanView Article
.SaraNAgathi - Sri Venkat Kanumalla

Fortunate devotees realize the fact that they are not  the physical body but the spirit soul

4/11/2009Sri Venkat KanumallaView Article
.Visistadvaita Siddhantam

Visistadvaita Siddhantam: all the substances mentioned in the Vedas, Vedanta, Itihasas, Puranas, Smritis and other scripture are entirely true

4/11/2009Sri Jagan BharadwajView Article

Mukundamala: a garland of poems on Lord Mukunda by Kulasekara Azwar

4/11/2009Sri Kulasekhara Azhwar, M.G. Prasad, Maplewood, NJView Article
.Sri Garuda Sighting

About 100 blessed devotees who were present for Garuda vahanam on the Bramotsavam day (August 09, 2008), witnessed the divine event of Sri Garuda circling (angapradhakshanam) above the Lord seated in the Garuda Vahanam.

4/5/2009Sri Ranganatha TempleView Article
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