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Know your Priests

Priests of the Ranganatha Temple are committed to providing you with the best possible service with utmost sincerity, devotion and zeal with strict reverence to the Vaishnava sampradaya.  Their sublime devotion rich with religious fervor, Vedic knowledge and their deep relish for our traditions, adds to the holy ambience (Sannidhyam) of the temple, engrossing devotees in spirituality and delight.

Srinivasa Raghavan Paravasthu (Chief Priest)

Srinivasa Raghavan Paravasthu serves as the chief priest of our temple. He is serving the temple since May 2007. He originally hails from Hyderabad and he has been extensively trained in Pancharathma Agama Sastras from his father Shri: Venkatanathachariar and his Uncle Shri: Ramanujacharyar. He is well renowned for his knowledge in Pancharathma Agamam and he is a connoisseur when it comes to leading the conduct of all temple Uthsavams. With a clear diction, he is also very eloquent in the recitation of prabandhams (of azhwars) and stothras of Shri. Vedanta Desikan. He is an erudite scholar with vast knowledge in the field of Vaishnavism. Prior to joining Sri Ranganatha Temple in May 2007, he gathered over 20 years of extensive experience serving the Ahobila Mutt Ramar temple in Dornakal. He is a sishya of Sri Ahobila Mutt and performed Saranagathi to Sriman Narayana, through his acharya, the 45th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt. He is an expert in performing all shubakaryam and ceremonies. He is well versed in Sanskrit and also fluent in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. He and his wife are blessed with two sons and a daughter.





Prasanna Venkatesh



Srinivas Nallan Chakravarthy

Srinivas Nallan Chakravarthy is originally from Bangalore, India. He joined our Temple in July 2013 during the Mahasamproshanam time. He underwent his education in Maharishi Veda Vidha Peetham.  Subsequently he was also trained in Agamam under the auspices of Shri: Harish Bhattar. He is well versed in Yajur vedam. Prior to joining our temple, he worked in Venkateshwara temple in Sydney, Australia for 3 years and also in Tulasi Thota Sri Krishna Temple in Bangalore for 1 year.   He belongs to Swayamacharya Tradition. He is passionate about music and he likes to play Saxophone. He can speak English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. 


Parthasarathi Mankala (Cook)

Parthasarathi Mankala serves in the Temple Kitchen. He is a native from Mahaboob Nagar in Andra Pradesh. He joined our Temple during the Brahamotsavam function in June 2010. Prior to joining our temple, he rendered his services for 11 years at the Lakshmi Hayagreevar Temple in Mahaboob Nagar (AP), 2 years at the Ahobila Mutt in Hyderabad and 2 years at Sita Ramachandra Temple in Hyderabad. He has also traveled to several places with the Ahobila Mutt to help with key events and functions. He has extensive experience preparing all varieties of Prasadams with a traditional touch, coming under the guidance of his father Sri: Raghavachariar Mankala. He belongs to Parakala Mutt. He holds his Bachelors degree in arts specializing political science. He is affluent in speaking Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. He and his wife are blessed with a son and a daughter.


Parthasarathy Kothandaraman



Dr. Murthy Ayyala



Srinivas Tanikella



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